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Situated about forty miles away from Los Angeles, Rancho Cucamonga is a major urban area in California. Like other growing urban centers, Rancho Cucamonga also has to battle the growing problem of drug and alcohol addiction. Proximity to the high traffic drug running belt makes many addictive substances easily available in this area. While hard drugs like crystal meth are the most common cause of harmful addictive behavior here, dependence on alcohol or other drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin etc are not unheard of either. Thanks to Our Addiction Rehab scores of Rancho Cucamonga residents have overcome their addiction and lead a healthy life today.

Comprehensive Care from Intervention to Aftercare

Our Addiction Rehab offers comprehensive addiction treatment for Rancho Cucamonga residents right from the intervention stage. When you suspect that a relative or friend is deeply ensnared in a drug or alcohol dependency, come to us. Our trained and qualified physicians will tell you how to stage an intervention that will force the patient to overcome denial and face the issue. We will also help you maintain the right approach and attitude during the intervention so that the individual does not feel threatened or blamed.

Once he/ she has accepted the need for external help, we create a focused addiction treatment program for him/ her. To do this, Our Addiction Rehab physicians undertake a thorough assessment of the individual’s physical condition and mental state. Since addiction arises from both physical and mental causes this assessment allows our physicians to identify exactly where each patient’s vulnerabilities lie. These are addressed through our tailor- made addiction treatment program.

The treatment commences with detoxification where the body and mind of the Rancho Cucamonga resident are cleansed of the harmful effects of the addictive substance. During this phase, our physicians offer counseling to help the individual deal with mental cravings and the intense discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms. On completion of detox, the patient progresses to our addiction rehab program wherein medical care as well as psychological care is provided to empower the patient on both these fronts. This helps him/ her gain the tools needed to fight off the addiction effectively even when faced with the situations/ people who initially led him/ her to addiction.

Aftercare Helps the Patient in Life Long Recovery

Even after the addiction treatment is complete, the individual may need emotional support and motivation to stay away from drugs/ alcohol. Dealing with cravings gets especially difficult when the individual resumes normal life, often coming in contact with triggers on a day to day basis. At Our Addiction Rehab we understand the challenges that the patient may face at this stage. We offer counseling and guidance that tells him/ her how to avoid succumbing to the addictive substance again. By keeping the individual motivated to stay abstinent and by reinforcing his/ her confidence, we ensure that recovery is life long for our patients.

100% recovery from addiction is possible with the right kind of effort and correct treatment. We will support you every step of the way in your battle against addiction and ensure that you succeed. Call us now or visit our center to know more.